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We currently offer a 2 month program with a 1 hour class once a week. However, we are open to adjusting the program length/type based on the group- we can do singular workshops, intensives, longer/shorter programs, etc. Classes are tailored to the needs and wants of the specific women we are instructing. Possible topics that we can cover are detailed below.


- Breath Work Exercises

- Daily Meditations

Exploration of the Chakras

- Creative Visualization & Mindset Practices

- Foundations of Basic Poses and Sequences

- Gentle Morning and Evening Flows

These practices and ideologies help to calm the body & mind, deal with anxiety and depression, create a new positive mindset to move into the future, and improve overall health and well-being.

SELF-DEFENSe/ martial arts

- Basic strikes, blocks, and kicks

- Defending against on-coming strikes

- Defending against grabs and holds

- Finding strength and confidence in defending your body

- Exploring your body’s built-in weapons and how your body moves 

By learning simple ways to defend yourself and connecting with your body’s innate power, the hope is that participants can leave with a renewed sense of security and strength that they take back with them into their daily lives.

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