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Here are some anonymous testimonials from the amazing women who have been through our program.

"I learned so much about myself in this program. I am a survivor of human trafficking.... like I said I am a survivor! Balance is essential in life. This program delighted me with it's ☯️ approach. I felt the resonating impact for the styles and the practical information I can use in my every day life. Inner and outer strength, now that's a combo. I was touched in my own journey of healing. I learned a much deeper lesson about myself too that I could do physically and mentally more than I thought I was capable of. The women who instructed me I'll never forget they helped me find a self confidence I had forgotten I had. I can't thank them enough!!" - Alice

"My only complaint is that I wish this program was longer! I loved  every second of  the sessions. We would get all of our energy out learning self defense and then get to meditate and stretch in yoga. I learned so much!!" - Sarah

"I really loved learning about and meditating on the chakras. I did not know what those were before this program but after learning about them, I realize how important they are! I had so much fun overall!" -Theresa


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